• Offering Professional Technical Support
  • Modifying and Upgrading Machines
  • Designing Automations
  • Providing High-Quality Power Electronic Parts
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Powercon is mainly associated with power electronic and industry automations. With our technical experience and specially trained personnel, we provide you complete technical services and we can achieve your demands for a wide range of machines of the industry sector.


Our activities concerning product and service provision, machine manufacturing as well as designing and planning prototype projects are constantly progressing in order to fulfill your needs.



We provide:


  • Technical support concerning industrial electronics and automations for industries.

  • Planning, designing and manufacturing automations for machines according to your demands.

  • Installing and operating a wide range of machines used in industry sectors.

  • Repairing, modifying and upgrading machines with regard to your profit.

  • Providing high-quality power electronic parts (industrial tubes, high frequency ceramic capacitors etc).

  • Manufacturing control boards.

  • Installing and designing PLC programs.