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  • Modifying and Upgrading Machines
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What we can do for you...

Powercon provides custom-engineered solutions for our customers’ unique applications and needs. Our quality processes and top experience in providing technical solutions in multiple industry sectors for decades, are the reasons why our technical solutions are elegant and simple with regard to high maintainability even when facing the most complex problems.


Reliability and productivity..


Emphasizing in simplicity and maintainability while using the best power electronic parts and equipment, we guarantee for the reliability of our technical solutions.

Our design engineers and our test engineering team will cover all your needs and make sure that your problem will be solved in the minimum amount of time.

We utilize our quality processes, our experience in the industrial market, and our best-in-class partners to deliver and install solutions to fill your needs and maximize your production and profit.


Installation, On-site Support and Training...


Having the ability to install, on-site support, train your personnel and answer to any kind of inquiries we make clear that we value our clients and their needs.


Name your application, and we will be there to discuss with you and provide you with the most suitable and reliable solution. Our designing team and our test engineers will answer even to your most complex problems and needs. Feel free to contact us