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Induction Heating Machines

POWERCON specializes in repair, construction and upgrade of induction heating machines, Medium and High frequency, used for welding, painting, melting, forming and hardening metals.

Induction heating machines are offered in a wide variety of types based on power, operating frequency and formation, so that they are ideal and suitable for a wide variety of applications in processing and metalworking industries.

Our machines are equipped with an automatic output power control circuit, which regulates the output power of the stationary generator over the output coil of the machine.

Unique Features

The generators are using SCR / IGBT semiconductor technology according to the application and machine power.

  • High efficiency: 0.90
  • Power factor: 0.95
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Current leak protection
  • Temperature and heating time control

edium frequency Induction Heating machines: 500HZ - 10KHZ

High frequency Induction Heating machines: 10KHZ - 500 KHZ