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The full product range of oscilloscopes made by ''OWON'' , which we are dealers and exclusive distributors in Greece, are suitable for every need and even the most complex applications.


With products aimed for:


  • Beginners, for learning via the EDU series.


  • Hobbyists through economical and low-demand models in HDS and PDS Series.


  • Electronic Enginners with more complex needs. The HDS, PDS, and MSO series (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) are developed for high demand applications, suitable for diagnosing and repairing malfunctions.





The oscilloscope series of ''OWON'' provide a wide variety of models and options depending on your requirements.


Documentation, manuals, gadgets and accessories are only a few features of our product support.


The quality and reliability, combined with the affordable price, the long warranty (3 years), the easy-to find technical support, the usability as well as the multiple features and options that offer you in comparison to a conventional analog oscilloscope, make ''OWON'' products, which have received worldwide praise, an extremely successful purchase.



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