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Ultrasonic Devices


Powercon activates in the field of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We are dealers and distributors in Greece, of the best firms subject to ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Apart from our wide range of models and types, we also undertake special designing and construction in accordance with the requirements and needs of our customers, as well as repairs, rebuilds and upgrades of old cleaning systems.

We offer solutions for many applications of ultraso
nic and our customers use the devices and products we offer for cleaning a large range of goods in all sectors of industry (cleaning handicrafts, electronics electrical parts, mechanical parts, optical, medical, jewelry, plating, etc).

Explore the different Systems and Types for all kind of applications:




Why Choose Ultrasonic Devices?


* Simple operation.

* Fully transistorized generator.

* Uniform Output in the tank because of PZT high performance transducers and pulsed Ultrasound.

* Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output,independent of liquid level, temperature and / or part(s)   to be cleaned.

* Above-average cleaning tank service life because of special tank surface coating.

* Low noise level.

* Maintenance-free.

* Matching accessories

* Radio suppression according to the international recommendations of the CISPR and FTZ regulations.

* Latest technology.

* Suitable for continuous operation.

* Standard built-in timer with an additional position for continuous operation.

* Available with heater and fixed thermostat at approx. 500C and Timer (0 to 15 Minitues).

* Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing.

* Universal application

ABOUT Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


Ultrasonic cleaning is the term used to describe sound waves having a frequency above the audible range of humans. Whenever high intensity ultrasound is applied to a liquid, the result is zones with high and low pressure. Under the influence of the low-pressure period, microscopic cavitations is created which, practically, constitutes a vacuum. In these aforementioned cavities the surrounding liquid evaporates. The result is vapour bubbles. Because of the ensuing compression, These vapour bubbles are compressed and eventually burst. Whenever this happens at the interface of the parts to be cleaned, the surface of the parts -because of the relative lack of compressibility on the part of the cleaning fluid- will experience a local impact.


The sum total of the above mentioned impacts, called cavitation, creates a unique cleaning effect which can be compared to the application of innumerable microbrushes.



If you need a cleaning system for your business for effective and high quality cleaning of your goods, feel free to contact us and save time and money.

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