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H.F. Plastic Welding Machines


POWERCON specializes in repairing, constructing and upgrading High frequency plastic welders - used for welding soft or hard PVC, synthetic leather that contain over 30% PVC, PU, TPU, PEVA, PET etc

The plastic welding machines are offered in a wide variety of types in terms of power and formation, so that it makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications in industries.
(toy and gift applications, handbags, medical supplies, baby items, food, wallpapers for cars, packaging, house awnings, truck hoods, etc.

All the machines are equipped with an automatic output power control circuit, which regulates the output power of the generator on the welding head, from the beginning and throughout the welding cycle. The pre-mentioned control offers high quality welding, bonding time reduction and increases overall production.

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